Reduce EMF Radiation

Satic has announced that third party evaluations of its popular Pure Power Plug-In have shown it dramatically reduces electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

The picture below illustrates some of the benefits of the Pure Power Plug-In.

Pure Power Plug-In Benefits
Pure Power Plug-In Benefits

Modern electronics like computers, big screen TVs and compact fluorescent lighting all introduce harmonics and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation into the electrical circuits in our homes.

The result of these harmonics is commonly known as “dirty power” and results in inefficiencies and electrical spikes that are potentially damaging to sensitive electronics. These harmonics are also a significant contributor to high EMF radiation levels.

There is increasing evidence that ongoing and escalated exposure to EMFs can also result in electrohypersensitivity with a broad range of symptoms and potential illnesses. For a review of research related to EMF and health issues see The Bioinitiative Report 2012.

Watch the following short video to see how effective it can be reducing the level of Dirty Electricity.

In particular, for most apartments and homes, two Satic Pure Power Plug-Ins can significantly reduce EMF caused by harmonics present in most residential electrical systems.

For more information, download the Pure Power Plug-In Flier.

You can also order the Pure Power Plug-In from Satic’s Online Store.