Pure Power Plug-In

Satic’s Pure Power Plug-In is an easy and effective way to start cleaning your power and create a healthier living and working environment.

Pure Power Plug-In Image
Pure Power Plug-In

By reducing harmonic distortion, filtering dirty electricity, regulating voltage and phase quality, you can reduce EMF fields and heat, prolonging the life of electronics and appliances, while reducing the amount of power those devices consume, which saves you money!

The Pure Power Plug-In utilizes the latest in energy management technologies. Satic’s proprietary design, a combination of analog and digital technology, is the result of existing wave-form correction and harmonics filtration methodologies by industry leaders as well as Satic’s own testing/research and the sourcing of the latest components available, as some real advancements have been made in this field over the last decade.

No other Energy Management System has this extraordinary combination of application specific circuit board design, optimized power conditioning, voltage regulation, nano-surge filtration, electromagnetic field and negative harmonics reduction and extremely robust surge protection all packaged into Satic’s unique design; allowing it to be smaller, more affordable and more effective than anything else on the market today at any price.

For more information, download the Pure Power Plug-In Flier.

You can also order the Pure Power Plug-In from Satic’s Online Store.